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Village Hall Gets A Make-over

Over the last few months whilst the country was in lockdown the village hall committee took advantage of the hall being closed to upgrade and improve things.

Firstly the hall was given a fresh coat of paint as it was over 4 years since it was last done.  Following this and to freshen things up even more the curtains were all given a wash.  The hall is now looking very clean and smart and is ready to accept people/groups backs as per the current instructions regarding Covid-19.

The outside spaces were not overlooked either as both the car park and the village hall paths have had a major makeover with a new layer of tarmac.  The potholes and standing water have all gone and the paths are much wider and more accessible to all.

Even the field has been cut and tidied as this is now being used regularly by Stephanie who does puppy training classes and is very busy as lot of people have bought dogs during lockdown. 



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